Marvel Adventure Lab

An exclusive amusement concept developed exclusively by Apple Industries in collaboration with Marvel!

General Features
  • Touch screen navigation
  • Credit & debit card capabilities (optional)
  • Under Marvel product licensing
  • In-house software with active subject segmentation
  • Dimensions: L 68", W 44", H 110*"
  • *with top sign display
  • Weight: 1200 lbs
  • VOLTS 120~VAC / Hz 60 / Amps 7
Theme Packages
  • 6×10 Photos
  • Exclusive Marvel Comic stories and covers
  • Auto-updated stories & covers
Remote Control Auditing System
  • Real time transaction monitoring

Customers choose from a wide range of frames inspired by comic panels and covers which are then personalized with their own comic photo. The customer’s photo is transformed into a comic style effect and also integrated perfectly within the selected Marvel Comic Adventure. The entire process of taking a photo is fun and immersed within the Marvel Universe! Users are thrilled to capture a fun moment in the photobooth and cherish the photo as a keepsake.




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