FacePlace Deluxe: Outdoor

Keep out the damp, wet weather. that's what the FacePlace Deluxe: Outdoor Edition Photo Booth is all about. It's big and showy, with its striking blue and yellow eye-catching color scheme, and meant for outdoor locations like large theme parks, water parks, go-cart tracks and family oriented mini golf and recreational areas. It features water-resistant credit card swipes, water-resistant bill acceptors, a water deflective roof, and other water-resistant measures that insure the safety of outdoor use.

General Features

  • Touch Screen Navigation
  • Records Audio & Video
  • Customize Borders & Backgrounds
  • Customer Logos on Product
  • DBA & Stacker (optional)
  • Credit/Debit Card Capability (standard)
  • Dimensions: 70.00″L 36.00″W 83.00″H 875lbs.
  • Film Capacity: 600 Vends per Roll

Theme Packages

  • 4×6 Photos
  • Black & White Photo Strips
  • Color Photo Strips
  • Face Replacements
  • Fun Borders
  • Hair Styles
  • Holiday Borders
  • Passport Style Photos

Remote Control Auditing System

  • Audit Reports Remote Monitoring

Social Media Intergration

  • Email Capable
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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