5 Benefits to Buying a FacePlace Photo Booth

5 Benefits to Buying a FacePlace Photo Booth


Apple Industries manufacturers the Face Place photo booth out of a passion for the history of the photo booth and a desire to keep photo booths relevant. Thanks to its ceaseless development of new technologies and its constant innovation of the photo booth industry, Apple has managed to make the photo booth the top coin-operated amusement machine in the world. But the innovation and passion are only two benefits to buying Face Place photo booths.

The Software

The anchor software for the Face Place line of photo booths is the Smile 2.0 software. Face Place photo booth owners get updates through the Internet for their Smile 2.0 software, which includes any seasonal special updates for Valentine’s Day or other holiday. The Photo Studio software is for the Photo Studio Deluxe photo booth and it contains plenty of options to keep users happy. The Magazine Me software allows customers to put themselves on the cover of many different kinds of magazines. It is the software that helps Face Place photo booths to stand out from the rest.

Photo Booth Options

No matter what type of business you run, there is a Face Place photo booth that fits your needs. If you cater to the wedding crowd, then try the Face Place wedding photo booth. Large scale customers will love the Photo Studio Deluxe and the Outdoor Edition. The versatility of the Face Place line of photo booths means that every customer will find something to fit their business and their needs.

Online Support

Face Place does not expect customers to log into the website and start buying photo booths. If you are wondering how a photo booth could benefit your business or what kind of booth to buy, then pick up the phone and talk to a friendly Face Place associate. These are experts in the coin-operated amusement business who will give you all of the information you need to make the right choice.


A photo booth can be a significant capital expense, which is why Face Place offers financing. It is always best to pay for something like this up front, but not every business can make that kind of expense. That is why Face Place has teamed up with one of the top financing companies in the industry to make sure that photo booth customers have plenty of options to choose from.

Try It For Free

The revenue share program through Face Place allows business owners to try a photo booth at no expense to themselves and see how it can benefit their business. You would contact Face Place and get connected to a revenue share associate in your area. The associate sets up the photo booth in your business, maintains it, and makes sure it is always operating properly. You get a percentage of the revenue and all for doing nothing. It is a program Face Place offers to help its new customers get used to the idea of owning a photo booth.

Why Face Place? Because this is a company that has many programs in place to help new and existing customers benefit from having a photo booth in their business. Call Face Place today and find out how you can get started with a photo booth in your business.

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