5 Side Hustles For Millennials In 2017

5 Side Hustles For Millennials In 2017


Millennials are a generation born into technology and always looking for a way to turn their free time into money. As this generation starts to graduate from college and get out into the world, there is always a need for a few side hustles to help make ends meet. These days, finding side hustles can be easy and you never know when a side hustle can turn into a real career.

Rent A Photo Booth

FacePlace has small scale photo booths that have wheels built into them that you can use to start your own rental business. We offer financing to help with your purchase, and all you have to do to get your business started is put the word out on social media that you have a photo booth for rent. You can also set up at a couple of trade shows for weddings and other events that will bring you more customers as well. As your photo booth gets more popular, you can consider bringing in another one to keep up with demand.

Social Media Influencer

Most Millennials are well-versed in how to use social media, and that can become a side hustle that will make a nice part-time job. You should build up your followers lists on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, and then offer to post advertisements for companies for a fee. The more followers you gain, the more money you can ask for to post ads.

Local Tour Guide

Did you spend time as a kid roaming the historical sites of your hometown? Are you the one that people come to when they want information on a local landmark? Then why not start a part-time business as a local tour guide? Your city advertises in a variety of tourist publications, and you can buy some space in those advertisements and show people from out of town the historical sites of your hometown.

Blog Or Podcast

The idea of starting your own blog is kind of fading into the wind, but it is still a popular way to make extra money. The blog is being pushed aside by the podcast, and you can start your own podcast to generate extra advertising revenue. You should choose a topic that you know a lot about, and then set up a podcast page with one of the many service providers available.

Be A Dog Walker

Small business owners and city dwellers are often so busy that they have a hard time being able to walk their dogs. At the same time, owning a dog and not walking it can create serious medical problems for the dogs. You can step in and be the hero by starting your own dog walking business. As long as you are reliable and have the right insurance in place, you should have no problem finding clients who will pay you to walk their pooch.

A generation that is just starting to establish itself in the world will need all of the financial help it can get. Millennials are starting to become influential in society, but they are only beginning their journey in life. It is always nice to have a couple of side hustles going on that can pad the wallet and help Millennials to grab their part of the American dream.

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