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At Face Place, we do more than just maintain a website that sells photo booths and software. We are a turnkey company that understands how difficult it can be to understand the photo booth industry. If you have always wanted to take advantage of this stream of revenue, then we have several ways that we can help you to get involved in making more money using our photo booths.

We Do Financing

Face Place has a strong partnership with Firestone Financial that gives us the ability to offer all of our customers funding for their photo booth purchases. The most immediate advantage to our funding options is that it allows you to start benefiting from our photo booths by paying one easy payment every month. But the other benefit to funding is that it allows you to add photo booths over time, and truly maximize your revenue potential.

We Have Full-Service Associates

Face Place is not the kind of company that does not offer live associates to help our customers. We have a full staff of customer service professionals who can help you to understand our products, and who can also guide you through the credit application process. We can get you in contact with technical support, and we are always there to make sure that you understand and are able to maximize your photo booths.

We Have Revenue Sharing

Let’s say that you own a business that you know would benefit from one of our photo booths, but you just cannot justify the expense of buying one. While buying a booth means that you would get to collect 100 percent of the revenue for yourself, we understand that buying a photo booth is not in everyone’s budget.

That is why we developed a revenue sharing solution that could not be easier. All you have to do is contact us and let us know that you want a photo booth placed in your business. We will discuss your business and your photo booth needs, and then we will determine what booth would be best to develop revenue. Then we get the word out to one of our professional representatives in your area and they place a photo booth in your business. You do not have to worry about maintenance or any upkeep, and you collect a percentage of the revenue. It is that simple.

We Are Constantly Innovating The Photo Booth Industry

Whether we are updating our software or putting cutting edge photo booths into our selection, Face Place is constantly looking for new ways to innovate the photo booth industry. When we discover new technologies that attract more customers, then you benefit by seeing an increase in revenue. We are a dynamic company that is constantly looking for new ways to make you more money.

Face Place has plenty of ways to allow you to get involved in the photo booth business. If you don’t feel like paying for a photo booth up front, then contact us about financing. If you don’t want to buy a photo booth at all, then talk to us about a revenue sharing deal. No matter what you need to make your photo booth business a success, Face Place has the tools necessary to benefit your business.

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