A FacePlace Photo Booth – Your ROI

A FacePlace Photo Booth – Your ROI


Every business owner is concerned with the return on investment (ROI) they get when it comes to buying equipment. In the bar business, slim profit margins mean that every dollar counts when it comes to investing in the business. Bar operators that monitor their profits and losses, which means every bar owner in the country, would be interested to hear about the high return on investment that comes from buying and utilizing a FacePlace photo booth.

The Right Audience

Any honest assessment of the ROI on a photo booth is going to involve a discussion as to what type of audience utilizes this type of equipment. If you have a corner bar that serves a mostly male clientele, then a photo booth is not going to help your business. But if you have a clientele that includes straight women and the LGBT community, then a photo booth can add hundreds of dollars each week to your bottom line.

The Right Profit Margin

The more customers you get on a regular basis, the more you will make with a FacePlace photo booth. But no matter how many people utilize your photo booth, the good news is that the profit margins for you are large.

You can charge a flat fee for each session, and then you can charge an extra small fee for posting pictures to social media. For most operators, the costs for each session involve paper, ink, and credit card costs from their merchant accounts. If you charge $5 for each session, then you would probably accrue 75 cents in costs. If you charge an extra $1 for posting to social media, then you just brought in $1 more towards paying for the Internet connection your business already had. You can do the math based on your own traffic and see that the profit potential is excellent with a FacePlace photo booth.

Why Would People Use It?

People love taking selfies, and most selfies are taken when people are out with their friends in a bar or club. While people love taking selfies, most of these pictures wind up being poor quality and disappointing. A selfie stick could solve some of the problems that come with trying to take your own picture, but it would not solve all of them.

With a photo booth, the lighting for each picture is done right. At only $5 or $6 per session, it is easy to see why people who enjoy taking pictures of themselves and their friends would want to use your photo booths over and over again.

If you look at your competition that has a similar target audience to yours and you do not see photo booths in their establishment, then that should trigger that feeling of opportunity in your mind. You want to be the first club in your market to feature photo booths so that your club can gain that you can enhance your club’s reputation as the place to be.

If you wait to contact FacePlace about a photo booth, then the competition will beat you to the the punch. In a business where ROI is everything, it makes sense to be the first business to make a smart investment in FacePlace photo booths.

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