Apple Industries promotes Anita Villalta to Director of Customer Support

Apple Industries promotes Anita Villalta to Director of Customer Support


Anita leads an expanding Support team with new technology, new authority and new capabilities to help operators more than ever.

Greenvale, NY, May 20, 2017 – Apple Industries is promoting longtime Customer Service Manager Anita Villalta to the newly created role of Director of Customer Support, where she will oversee a larger and more powerful department that is growing to meet the needs of Apple’s expanding customer base.

“This promotion is much-deserved and will be enthusiastically applauded by Anita’s colleagues and our customers alike,” said company CEO Allen Weisberg. “Anita is extraordinarily dedicated, loyal and passionate. She loves going ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ to provide our customers with the support, knowledge and assistance they need and deserve to maximize the performance and earnings of their Face Place Photo Booths.”

“As far as operators and distributors are concerned, Anita is the face of Apple Industries,” said Scott Avery, Apple COO. “Most people who have dealt with us over the past 9 years know Anita. And, they rely on her — not only route and FEC owners but drivers and bench technicians as well. No one in the industry is more customer-focused than she is. Anita has the skill set to help take Apple to next level, so this promotion is very appropriate and we’re delighted to give her this recognition.”

Expanding the Customer Service Department

In concert with Villalta’s promotion, Apple is adding two new hires (to start) to the Support department, while expanding Anita’s and the department’s responsibilities and authority to include most technical issues. That means all Support staff now have log-in access privileges to remote management and diagnostic tools for every Face Place Photo Booth in the field.

This organizational change will enable Anita and her growing team to solve problems for operators in their initial contact, rather than passing along many service requests to another tech support staffer, which was often the case under Apple’s previous division of labor between CS and tech support.

Increasingly sophisticated machines get growing support from Apple

More Support staff and capabilities are needed, said Avery, because higher shipping volumes mean that Apple is supporting more operators with more information and guidance than ever. The mission of Anita and her team is to help operators get the most out of Face Place’s increasingly sophisticated technology, content and features. Apple is currently enjoying a backorder situation as operator purchases of its award-winning line of products continue to win new awards, new fans and new sales.

“Anita and the Customer Support Department provide hand-in-glove assistance to enable each operator keep their networked Face Place Photo Booth running at maximum earnings capability,” said Avery. “That can require some nuanced tweaking and advanced use of our machines’ features and capabilities. But Anita is now empowered to assist, very effectively, with a wide portfolio of Apple programs.

“This begins with our CinemaScene program, where movie-themed photo booths are being installed nationwide in the Regal theater chain and other cinemas,” Avery said. “Anita and her team will also oversee licensed content and order fulfillment. Exclusive licensed content for Face Place now ranges from Major League Baseball to iconic brands and personalities like Elvis and the rock band Kiss.

“Basically,” Avery concluded, “our expanded Customer Support Department will have new tools and authority to ensure that the right machine is installed in the right location, with the right downloadable content and the right promo monitor displays.”

In search of the American Dream

Anita Villalta says she first came to the U.S. from Ecuador in 1979 as a teenaged student, “in search of the American dream.” She spent one very happy summer with American families and attending local schools under a language learning exchange program sponsored by the Lion’s Club of Ocala, Florida.

“I had dreamed of traveling to the United States since I was 5 years old,” Anita recently told the Ocala Star Banner. “This program was a great opportunity I could not pass on. I knew that this type of opportunity only came once in a lifetime.”

By the time Anita returned to the U.S. in the 1980s, she had her degree in accounting and business administration. After a series of responsible posts in top national retail chains like Woolworth’s and Sak’s Fifth Avenue, she joined the Apple Industries team.

Anita still remembers her first job interview with Apple CEO Allen Weisberg, back in 2008. “When he told me about his plans for the photo booth and his business,” she says, “I knew at that moment that I wanted to be part of the company and the journey that would follow.”

It has been an exciting ride and Anita is looking forward to the next chapter. “Working with our customers and helping all kinds of people is my favorite thing about my job,” she says. “We are trained to provide any kind of support our clients might need. We answer phone calls and emails on every aspect of Face Place Photo Booths, from social media interfaces to email reports to operators, software updates, remote management and remote diagnostics. We care about our customers and the longevity of their businesses. I’m proud to be part of this great company and I cannot wait to see what the future will bring!”

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