Face Place Photo Booths: From Coin-Op Amusement to Inside Your Bar

Face Place Photo Booths: From Coin-Op Amusement to Inside Your Bar


Photo Booths are the fastest growing big earning pieces in our industry in many locations. Young people and millennials love to take photos. Because of smart phones, a new statistic revealed 53 million photos, mainly “selfies”, are posted to social media per day!

The Age of Convenience

All these photos are taken, but very few are actually printed. Why? It isn’t because people don’t want them printed, it is due to the hassle of sending the photos from devices to a print source. In today’s day-and-age if it isn’t instant or convenient, it isn’t worthwhile. Instant gratification is desired and ease of use is the reason technology continues to simplify the process of various tasks.

Well, with Face Place Photo Booths, they get instant prints and love the way they look, the quality of the finished print alone will have them saying “this is frame quality.” The booth does the work for you, all you have to do is smile and enter in the pertinent information.

Why Are Face Place Photo Booths Sought After?

Most bar owners remember the old days of photo booths that produced black and white pictures that looked like something you would see on the back of a milk carton. These days, photo booths can do a lot more, and a lot of that is because of innovations and licensed content created by Face Place.

Patrons can post the pictures they took to Social Media and email their friends. They will also be able to purchase a number of items, like iPhone cases, mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, and many others all with their photos on it! The best part, this is all done through our unique and innovative Face Place Smile 2.0 Product Fulfillment Program directly from the booth.

This means the photo booth owner receives a commission of $5 to $7 on every sale that is EVER made with those images to those customers, even if they never set foot in that booth again. This is definitely the new wave in photo booths, and the whole idea is catching speed and quickly picking up, so don’t get left behind!

Why Should You Put A Photo Booth In Your Bar?

We have recently seen the “photo booth wars” erupt in the northeast. Operators that said “I don’t want to operate photo booths in my bars“, got jumped! All of a sudden it was a good idea and these guys couldn’t be more happy or surprised. Now everyone is going after that business.

Your photo booth allows your customers the option to print out their selfies and do much more with them than just putting them on the Internet to be forgotten. Features such as social media sharing and Face Place 4th Frame Logo allow for your business to insert custom branded hashtags, business handles and logos that serve to better market your business and raise awareness of your establishment. Your Face Place photo booth gives your customers the options they want for their photos, and that is going to create a whole new stream of revenue for your business.

If you haven’t taken advantage of everything a photo booth in your bar has to offer yet, it isn’t too late. With the help of the experts from Face Place, your bar can use our photo booth products to grab revenue that is just waiting to be grabbed. If you want to improve your bar business, contact Face Place today.

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