Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe Spotlight

Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe Spotlight


Face Place is proud of every product that we offer, and we are working hard to innovate new solutions for all of our customers. Our goal is to make your photo booth irresistible to your clients, and we continue to design and develop photo booths that bring you revenue and a steady stream of new clients.

The Photo Studio Deluxe is the kind of photo booth that gets people’s attention when they walk by it, and then keeps their attention when they start to use it. No matter what type of business you run, you will be able to generate plenty of revenue with the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe.

Attracting Attention

The Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe is 70 inches long, 65 inches wide, and 90 inches high. It is a 2,400-pound photo booth that, based on size alone, is impossible to ignore. But instead of letting the Photo Studio Deluxe’s massive size do all of the talking, we decided to add some more features that make this photo booth hard to resist.

There are 5,000 LED lights in the Photo Studio Deluxe that make it impossible to pass by without noticing. Once the LED lights grab their attention, your custom attract mode with booming music and on screen visuals will get them inside the Photo Booth Deluxe to give it a try.


The Photo Studio Deluxe includes over 20 interactive videos. With the help of the green screen support offered by the Face Place software, your customers can enjoy enhancing their photo booth experience. With video and character prompts speaking to you directly from the screen, it truly is an immersive experience. Pair that with the innovative green screen technology and users are transported to different worlds and venues all without ever leaving the booth.

Customize your booth

Your customers can enjoy group pictures in the spacious comfort of the Photo Studio Deluxe. You can upload your own custom event logos or even brand logos to our “One Step: Step & Repeat” feature that creates a branded backdrop that can be accessed under our classic photos section or customized “Be Scene” feature, which allows you to take 4 snapshots of the guest of honor or mascot early on and digitally insert them in group photos throughout the event. Now your guests of honor and mascots can enjoy the party and still have photos of them with all their guests at no hassle to anyone involved. Everybody is a winner with the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe. Especially considering you can add elements of your brand to pictures within the booth and have your customers enhance your marketing each time they take a picture.

Online Connectivity

The ability to customize portions of the Photo Studio Deluxe with your own brand makes the Internet connectivity feature that much more powerful. The Photo Studio Deluxe allows your customers to share their photos instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and it also allows your customers to email their photos as well. All of that sharing becomes more marketing for you when your embedded brand shows up in all of your customers’ posts.

If you have an audience you are trying to attract, then you need the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe. We make this photo booth impossible to ignore, and then we help you to make it irresistible to use. You can enhance your own brand and grow your revenue all with on photo booth.

Give us a call and talk to one of our sales experts about the Photo Studio Deluxe. We know that this is the amusement attraction you have been looking for to grow your revenue and expand your customer base.

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