Growing Your Corporate Business

Growing Your Corporate Business


You own photo booths and you are making a good living using them for weddings and parties, but you really want to know how to crack into the corporate market. You are a smart business professional because the corporate world is where most of the money can be found. It is not easy and getting into the corporate world may cost you a little money at first, but it is all worth it when you start to see the regular corporate business roll in.

Get Networking

If you want your photo booths to be seen as a corporate option, then you need to start networking at corporate functions. If your local business associate does trade shows, then rent a booth and display your booths. You need to get out into the corporate world and let those businesses know that you are ready to make their functions better. You need professional business cards, and you need to spend plenty of time drumming up corporate business.

Do Freebies

You would never offer to do a wedding or class reunion for free because you really do not have to. But if you want word of your services to travel among the corporate entertainment buyers in your area, then you need to get your foot in the door somehow. The best way to do it is to offer to do a couple of corporate events for free, and then make sure that you make the most of each event. You need to make it clear to your buyers that the free services are only a one-time deal, but it is a great way to get your booths in front of corporate customers.

Become Prominent On Social Media

Social media allows you to connect your business with all of the corporations in your area, and you need to take advantage of that avenue for marketing. Start putting your client photos from your booths on your social media, and make sure you share those images with corporate prospects. With the clarity of your images and the wide variety of editing options, you are bound to catch the attention of a corporate buyer.

Update Your Website

You need to update your website with more corporate friendly content and search terms to bring more corporate traffic. You need to put more detailed technical specs regarding your editing software on your website, and you should start creating event pages that show how much fun people have with your booths. By hiring a qualified digital marketing agency, you can overhaul your website to make sure that it brings in plenty of corporate traffic.

A steady stream if corporate clients can help your photo booth rental business to grow considerably. You need to start focusing your marketing efforts on corporate clients and work hard to bring in those high-paying gigs.

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