How to Make Your Photo Booth Business Stand Out

In almost any sort of venue you can imagine, a photo booth is becoming an expected attraction. With so many photo booths entering the market, how do you make your booth stand out and be competitive? Cutting your costs isn’t the answer, as it leads to price wars where everyone loses. Instead, decide who your ideal customers are, and find ways to appeal to them directly by offering things they want most. With a Face Place photo booth, you can target your customers with branding that makes sense to them.

Pre-Sale Service

Brand loyalty isn’t just about brand recognition anymore – it’s about the service you provide before, during, and after your transaction. If you dazzle a potential client from their very first interaction with you, make them feel like a VIP, and ensure every employee you have understands that this is the only acceptable way to interact, you can seal the deal. Go the extra mile to ensure they have all the information they need about your booth, and that their experience is a fun and positive one.

Value-Based Pricing

 You don’t want the customers who are basing their decision on which photo booth to enjoy on price alone. You want a customer who is discerning enough to choose the BEST – so make sure your sales pitch is focused on what you can add to their day, instead of cut-rate prices and discounts. The time to offer a discount is when you are closing the deal not at the outset. Set your prices in the upper half of the range offered by competitors, then back it up with value.

Sell the Experience

You’re not just selling  pictures, you are selling a photographic experience! Find ways to enhance the experience and blend traditional, vintage idea of a photo booth with modern selfie and social media culture. Think about how you can deliver an experience that crosses all age groups and hones in on the fun and nostalgia a photo booth is supposed to support.

Showcase Reviews

If you don’t have a social media and online presence already, start now – and don’t forget to ask your happy clients to talk about their great experiences with you. A Facebook Page and some Google Reviews with glowing feedback can help drive customers in your direction. 

By combining these tips with great props, inventive backgrounds and proper lighting, and adding dedicated support, you can build a reputation for superior experiences and make your Face Place photo booth stand out from the crowd.  

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