A Longing for Authenticity: A Face Place Perspective

A Longing for Authenticity: A Face Place Perspective


What does the wave of digital photography mean to you? When phones and cameras were first brought together, it was a novel idea that did not have a network of support to make it popular. Now that everyone can take pictures and immediately post them to social media, digital photography is all over the place.

With the digital age modernizing everything, and putting more advanced functions into the palm of your hands, many are longing for nostalgia. With changing times and changing technology we often find ourselves calling back to a previous time and integrating our new found knowledge into the principals and functions of the past. In today’s cell phone driven world, we often see individuals taking multiple photos (deleting unwanted or “bad” photos until getting the “perfect” shot) and then burying the original under layers of filters. Face Place Photo Booths bring back the nostalgic factor of yesteryear with a modern twist and give an air of authenticity that is hard to come by now-a-days.

Taking Real Pictures

At Face Place, we look at our photo booths as taking real pictures that capture a real moment. Real pictures get printed out, and every one of our innovative photo booths offers customers high quality prints on high quality paper. Apple Industries has invested considerable time and effort in upgrading the computer algorithms that translate light into images for every Face Place Photo Booth. The result has been sharper, clearer photos with a better balance of brightness, color and contrast.

Yes, your pictures can be shared on social media straight from the booth, but we are proud to give you the option to hold real pictures in your hands when you are done using one of our booths as well.

The Authentic World Of Face Place

The way that we look at it is that there is nothing more authentic than taking pictures with people you know, and then walking away with those pictures. The moment a photo booth captures is authentic, the subject matter is authentic, and the final product is authentic.

When we started innovating our photo booths, we had a lot of reasons for doing it. But one of the biggest reasons was that we saw that people needed to be reminded of what makes taking pictures with friends so great to begin with.

From the moment you step into a Face Place photo booth, to the end result, everything about that picture is sincere. The only way you will understand all of this is to try a photo booth for yourself. When you are holding those pictures in your hand and sharing them with the people who were there with you, via prints or social media uploads, then you will see why photo booth pictures are the real deal.

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