Make Money Without Spending Money With Face Place Photo Booths

Make Money Without Spending Money With Face Place Photo Booths


At Face Place, we completely understand that the economy is tough right now, especially for small businesses. We understand our client base and we know that your business goes in cycles throughout the year, and that can make predicting your annual income. In other words, we know that times are tough and we want to help.

If you have been reading through our website, we hope that you found the information you need to convince you that having a photo booth in your business is a great idea. Any bar, restaurant, or any business that caters to an entertainment based crowd would benefit from a photo booth. You understand how your location makes your business the ideal place to benefit from a photo booth, but you just don’t have the funds to buy a booth or two for your place. How about we let you use them at no cost to you?

The Face Place Revenue Sharing Program

We invite you to call our contact phone number right now and talk to one of our associates about putting a photo booth or two into your location at no cost to you. We will then arrange for you to meet one of our local or regional suppliers, and the two of you can work out location and logistics details. Then our agent will install and maintain the booths for you, and all you do is share in the revenue.

You will never have to pay for maintenance, upkeep, or repairs on your booths, unless you are the one who caused the damage. As long as you have the photo booths in your location, all you will have to do is collect money and enjoy the benefits of having a Face Place photo booth in your establishment.

Why Do I Really Need A Photo Booth In My Business?

Ever since advanced video game systems helped to make coin-operated video games almost obsolete, vendors and businesses have been looking for something to bring revenue back to the coin-operated industry. Photo booths have stepped in and become one of the most popular coin-operated options for customers in decades. Is there any reason you can think of for not putting one of the most popular coin-operated machines in the world in your business at no cost?

Face Place photo booths allow your customers to choose fun backgrounds, immerse themselves in interactive themes, and share pictures through social media. Once people start hearing that you have a state-of-the-art Face Place photo booth in your location, the word-of-mouth advertising will help to grow your revenue. Not only will you make money on the photo booths, especially with such features as upsell and our Smile 2.0 Product Fulfillment Program, but you will also make money on the line of new customers that will be lead to your business.

If you found one of the most popular ways in the world to generate coin-operated revenue at no cost or obligation to yourself, would you take it? Good! Then give us a call at Face Place and we will get you in touch with one of our agents who will show you just how you can make money with a photo booth without spending a dime of your own cash.

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